If you are looking at replacing or supplementing your income from your full-time job then starting a business is a great idea. You could even retire earlier than you had planned. Or maybe you want to carry on working after you retire and like the sound of running a business when you finish your full-time job. Whatever the reason why you want to start a business now is a great time as there are so many options and low barriers to entry than ever before. Have a look at these 3 business ideas and see if any of them pique your interest.



Website Design

There are so many ways to earn money online and starting a web design business is a great option. Every business needs an online presence in the form of a website in this day and age. But not everyone has one. If you have a knack for design and can build a website pretty easily then this may be a great business to get involved with. You could look at local businesses and see if they have their own website, if not reach out to them and ask them if you can create one for them. Obviously, you will need your own fabulous website and some testimonials and past work to show to future clients. If you have no testimonials yet you could offer a discount for your next few clients to build up some social proof.


Craft Business

Do you have a good eye for design and enjoy making things? Then a craft business is a great idea. There are many different possibilities for the type of craft business you can start. Perhaps you enjoy making jewellery or soap or even handmade clothes. You will definitely want to consider how long it takes you to make your items and how much the materials cost. Don’t forget to think about the postage and packaging and any other fees too. Add all of these costs into your calculations before you consider going full steam ahead for your new business. You want to make sure that the business will actually make money. Have a look at Etsy and other handmade marketplaces to get an idea of what kinds of things people like to buy and the prices that people are prepared to pay. Make a plan and then get started on your new crafty adventure.



Blogging can take time to build up but if you have a job to rely on then you will be able to give it the time it needs to get up and running. Once you have built up your blog it can become a great little business. Blogs make money in lots of different ways such as affiliate income, advertising revenue and product sales. Create a blog based on your passions or interests and start by providing lots of free content. Then when you have built up an audience think about what you could offer to them that would be useful for them and provide an income for you.