People who are following the F.I.R.E movement are looking to retire at a much earlier age than usual. So you may be looking at retiring in your 50s, 40s or even your 30s. Whatever age you want to retire you will want to have a plan for how you will spend your time once you no longer have to go to work. The last thing that you want is to get to your retirement age and not have a clue how you will spend your days. The best thing to do is have your own plan and think about your own reasons why you want to retire early and this will then guide you to how you would like to spend your time. Here are some extra options for some neat ways to enjoy your retirement.


Pursue a Passion Project

Whether it’s a novel you want to write or an art project that you are just so excited to start then this would be a great idea to pursue in your retirement years. It could be something you do on the side of other ideas, projects or commitments or you could go all in and spend a year deeply focussing on one thing.


Go Travelling

If you have always wanted to go and see the world but have not had the time then when you retire is a perfect time. You could go for a few months at a time, for a whole year, or go to lots of places in two-week bursts. Even if you don’t have a huge budget there will be places you can travel to that are great value for money and you have the advantage of not having work tying you down.


Start a Business

Many people that retire early want to have a project on the side that still earns some income. This can then allow you to retire even earlier and can offer you some focus when you don’t have the structure of your job. You can start a business in anything that you are interested in and you don’t have to wait until you are retired before you get started.


Work Part-Time

You don’t have to quit work completely to ‘retire’ early. If there’s a job that you would love to do that doesn’t pay as much as you would earn at your full-time job then you can do this when you retire. Perhaps you would love working in a bookshop (if they still exist when any of us retire!) then this may be something to look forward to in later life.


More Time Relaxing

When you retire you will naturally want to spend some time relaxing. Whether it’s family or friends that you would love to spend more time with, you will get this option once you have retired. Think chilled mornings, holidays, and trips away. You can have all the quality time that you desire. Sounds perfect.